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Joel and Olle in the Palace

Joel and Olle were two friends who loved to explore the world around them. They lived in a small village, nestled in a valley between two mountains. The village were surrounded by dense forests and rolling hills, and the two friends spent all their free time exploring the wilderness.

One day, Olle lost his key to a secret palace that he and Joel had discovered years ago. The key had been passed down through generations of his family, and losing it was a devastating blow.

But Joel was determined to help his friend. He knew that the palace held many secrets, and that it was a place of great danger and wonder. He promised to find the key and return it to Olle, no matter what the cost.

Days turned into weeks, and then months. Joel searched high and low, through forests and mountains, across rivers and valleys. He asked everyone he met if they had seen the key, but no one had.

Just when he was about to give up hope, he stumbled upon a hidden meadow, filled with wildflowers and tall grass. In the center of the meadow was a small hill, and on the hill was a tree.

As Joel approached the tree, he saw something glinting in the sunlight. It was the key! He couldn't believe his luck. He picked it up and held it tightly, feeling its weight and its power.

But as he turned to leave, he heard a voice calling his name. It was Olle! He had been searching for Joel, and had finally found him.

Together, they decided to explore the world beyond their village. They wanted to see what lay beyond the mountains, and to discover the secrets that the world held.

As they walked, they encountered many dangers and wonders. They saw the enemy's forest, where wolves roamed and danger lurked behind every tree. They saw the falling meadow, where a man had disappeared for over a hundred years. And they saw the mysterious forest, where strange creatures lurked in the shadows.

But Joel and Olle were undaunted. They pressed on, driven by their love of adventure and their desire for knowledge.

Finally, they came to a door that no one had entered for over 100 years. It was said to lead to a secret room, filled with swords and diamonds. Joel inserted the key and turned it in the lock.

The door creaked open, revealing a room filled with treasures beyond their wildest dreams. Swords and diamonds glittered in the light, and Joel and Olle's eyes widened in amazement.

As they reached out to touch a sword, the key in Joel's hand began to glow again. Suddenly, they were transported to a meadow, where a man was running towards them.

The man was old and tired, his face etched with lines of pain and sorrow. He told Joel and Olle of his journey, of how he had run on this meadow for over a hundred years, searching for a way out of his misery.

Joel and Olle listened intently, feeling a sense of empathy and understanding. They knew what it was like to search for something that seemed just out of reach.

But as the man finished his story, they were suddenly transported back to the world beyond their village. They realized that the key had a power beyond their understanding, and that their destiny lay in unlocking its secrets.

They continued their journey, facing danger and adventure at every turn. They met the enemys world, and even faced the wrath of Arnold, the enemys king.

But through it all, Joel and Olle remained determined, driven by their desire for knowledge and adventure. They knew that the key held the answers to their destiny, and they were willing to risk everything to unlock its secrets.

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Det var en gång en Igelkott. Som var så bajsnödig. Igelkotten var på Igelkottsfritids. Där var det mysigt. Men det låg bajs på hela golvet. För de hade ingen toalett.

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Det var en gång som var sandad


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Hooja bor i Gällivare.

Hoojas nyaste låtar är Mayday, Gammal i gemet, och Flyger som en ripa.

Jag tycker att Hooja är jättebra!!!

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Hooja bor i Jukkasjärvi. Han har gjort flera låtar, bland annat "Banan melon kivi och citron", "Polers" och "Gammal i gemet".

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Det var en gång en hund som ville upptäcka världen. En dag gick hon ut på ett äventyr. Hon gick genom en stor skog. Sedan simmade hon över en stor sjö. Hon var borta i flera år. Så en dag kom hon fram till en stor stu...

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Det var en gång en pojke som hette Petter. Han var tio år och tyckte om att åka slalom i Kåbdalis. Hans bästa kompis hette Love.

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Historien om katten Pudding och flickan Jasmin

Det var en gång en flicka som hette Jasmin. Hon hade en katt som hette Pudding. En dag skulle Jasmin och hennes katt Pudding gå till skogen för att plocka blåbär. Jasmin plockade blåbär men Pudding lekte mest.

När J...